We specialize in breeding quality registered Texas longhorn cattle with our focus being productivity, conformation, disposition, color, horn and Pedigree.  Our farm is located near Merrill, Wisconsin.  Our obsession with Texas Longhorns began in 2017, when our oldest son needed a calf to show at the county fair.  Our neighbor at the time had a bunch of longhorn calves, so we purchased a bull calf that we named "Tippy".  Then by that fall we purchased our first heifer "OF Rosepoint" a "boring" little red heifer that is now over 80" tip to tip and has not given us one solid colored calf.  The GNTLA auction was literally in our backyard, so by the following June we drove a mile down the road to purchase two more cows.  Over the past few years we decided that this was no longer a hobby for us that we wanted to really get serious about raising quality longhorn cattle.  We have learned so much through this short journey in the industry and continue to learn something new everyday. We both have a dairy background both growing up on dairy farms, so we had a good understanding of how to raise cattle in general, but still found out quickly that longhorns are nothing like Holsteins.  We both have memories of pulling calves growing up and that is one thing with longhorn cattle, that they very seldom have trouble having a calf.  Our children have grown to love these cattle just as much as we have and they thoroughly enjoy being involved with their daily care.  We feel the past two years we have raised some of our best heifers yet and we plan on competing in some shows with them this year.   We are very excited about what the future holds for our breeding program.  If you are in Wisconsin and want to see some beautiful longhorn cattle contact us we can arrange a farm tour.     

Matt & Cheretee Casey